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  • Kill the label. Kill the stigma.

    Kill the label. Kill the stigma.

    ⚠ Trigger Warning ⚠ The moment we attach a label to a life experience, we focus on the label and discard the merits of the experience. We make people invisible when we deny the reality of their experience by suggesting that there is something clinically wrong with them, despite causality of their emotional upheaval being […]

  • Repost: Judging to be safe

    Repost: Judging to be safe

    Judgement is not always harsh. But, judgement is always focused on an external standard that we think others respect. Don’t under estimate how much this mindset causes problems in every sphere of our lives. Before throwing in the towel on that relationship, reconnect you with the reasons that gave you hope in the first place, […]

  • Do you remember you?

    Do you remember you?

    Sometimes, we lose ourselves to the hopelessness of others. Sometimes, we lose ourselves to the failed expectations of life. And sometimes, we lose ourselves because we thought it was our failings that earned us pain, while oblivious to the fact that it was in fact our success that threatened the ones we loved. In these, […]

  • Where is your humanity?

    Where is your humanity?

    Taking pride in the colour of your skin or ethnicity distracts you from your humanity. Our humanness, our gentleness, our inclination towards kindness – these are all part of our natural state. We lose it when our need to be associated with significance or superiority distracts us from this, and replaces it with the fear […]

  • Do you matter to you?

    Do you matter to you?

    To be of consequence, or to feel significant, lies at the heart of our inspiration to accomplish anything. When we connect with conviction to the significance of who we are, and what value we add to the lives of others, we achieve a sense of peace and contentment. But, when we doubt this, we set […]

  • Emotional wellbeing, not mental health

    Emotional wellbeing, not mental health

    It is only through our internal wars that we lose sight of reality. The culture of labeling people dehumanises the very human that is struggling with their humanness. We focus on our demons so intently, that we become defined by them, bearing them patiently in quiet shame, protecting ourselves from being exposed for what we […]

  • Reclaim your worth

    Reclaim your worth

    Peace is most ravaged when we convince ourselves that we were treated badly by others, or by someone we trusted, because we weren’t good enough for them. A betrayal of trust, no matter how noble the person, reflects cowardice on their part. We only betray the trust that others place in us when we feel […]

  • Generational assumptions

    Generational assumptions

    One of the most common incorrect assumptions we make in life is assuming that others treat us badly because of who we are, and not because of their own demons. This is especially true about how we feel about our relationship with one, or both of our parents. Without realising it, two critical outcomes result […]