Who defines you?

It’s easy to lose ourselves to the outcomes of our lives.

It’s easy to convince ourselves that our achievements, rather than our efforts, are a true reflection of the value we hold within.

It’s a dance with fate that often destroys hope and replaces it with complacency.

In a world saturated with the ungrateful and the insincere, measuring your worth by the behaviour of others is an exercise in self harm..and simply adds you to the ranks of the ungrateful.

If resisting your true nature is the root of unhappiness, then knowing your true nature must be the key to joy.

Therefore, measuring your true worth by the demons of others will lead you away from joy and towards pain, as you convince yourself that how they treated you is all you’re worthy of.

You were not created to pacify the weak.

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Judging is easy

Judging each other only becomes easy when we assume that we are above the behaviour that were judging.

When we receive the benefit of the doubt from others, we assume that we deserve it, rather than it being a result of their generosity of spirit.

When we’re misunderstood, we may be inclined towards accusing others of misunderstanding us, rather than considering that they had good reason to get it wrong.

Being defensive or judgemental are two traits that originate from the same source. That is, feeling emotionally vulnerable.

Judgement demands compliance with a standard that is larger than who we are, and therefore associates us with something that must be respected or revered.

That’s why it’s easier to judge than it is to understand. Because understanding demands that we set aside such associations and invest of ourselves in assessing the behaviour of others.

Sometimes, that investment means that we must suspend our focus on our rights in that relationship in order to understand. When we’re afraid of being insignificant, suspending such rights feels like an attack on our self worth.

The result…anger or bitterness.

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Be you…unapologetically

The opinions that others have of us affects us most when we are not convinced about who we are.

It’s self-doubt that creates the space for others to influence how we feel about ourselves.

Be it a troubled relationship with a family member, a partner, an ex spouse, or even a friend or colleague, the moment their words about us weighs more than what we think of ourselves, we need to recognise that we needed validation more than we needed companionship or a healthy relationship with them.

Our disappointment in them when they behave badly should not extend to disappointment in ourselves.

The moment we judge ourselves harshly after they’ve treated us badly, we’re diminishing our self-worth by believing that we’re not even good enough for someone who has questionable values.

That’s how we lose ourselves to the lack of self-respect in others, or in ourselves.

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Always hope

When we focus on the struggles of our lives, we feel defeated.

When we focus on the growth, we feel empowered to overcome future obstacles.

But we’re human. We doubt ourselves and sometimes we feel entitled to peace.

In the process, we create self-fulfilling prophecies by growing despondent when things go wrong, rather than looking for the opportunities to create something better.

We limit our ability to overcome obstacles by telling ourselves that there is a limit to what we’re capable of dealing with.

Rather than embracing the challenges without preempting the outcomes, we end up focusing on how close we are to that limit that we set for ourselves and then grow defensive the moment we believe things are getting too close to it.

That’s how we prevent ourselves from trying beyond a certain point, and that’s how we grow to believe that some things are impossible to overcome.

Sometimes, when things seem like they’re falling apart, they may just be falling into place. But when we fixate on what’s falling apart, we deny ourselves the opportunity to see how it may be contributing towards our dreams and goals that were being hindered by what we had in the first place.

Breathe, beloved. And let faith, not fear, guide you through the storm.

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Respectfully dishonest

This is especially true for our relationships with ourselves, more than it reflects on our relationships with others.

We disrespect ourselves when we avoid truths that feel shameful or disappointing about who we are.

That shame or disappointment that we feel is because we’re looking at ourselves through other people’s eyes, or at least what we think they would think of us if they knew what we’re hiding within.

We respect ourselves when we focus on understanding rather than judging why we’re not being true to the standard that we want to live up to.

But that standard must be our own aspiration, and not a standard defined by society or anyone else.

Someone else may suggest or advise on what is worth pursuing, but we must adopt that as our own aspiration, with conviction, or else we’ll again judge ourselves to be a success or a failure when we exert ourselves towards achieving that goal.

If you’re dishonest with yourself or with others, then respect is no longer part of that interaction.

Take time to reflect and recalibrate your efforts, and leave the judgement to those who will judge regardless of your best efforts towards them.

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Reconnect with your innate wisdom

We all have an innate wisdom that we lose sight of as the distractions of life accumulate.

When we go out in search of answers and adopt methods that worked for someone else, we further distance ourselves from that innate wisdom.

This distancing that occurs undermines our authenticity, and leaves us feeling at odds with life rather than comforting us.

To reconnect with that peace that feels so elusive, we must reconnect with that innate wisdom, or else life will continue to feel like a detached experience.

It is only in sincere conversation that truths are encountered and wisdom adopted.

For this reason, I am not hers to teach you anything new. My sole purpose is to reconnect you with the wisdom that you already have within you.

Reach out at zaidismail.com or WhatsApp on +27836599183.

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