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  • Claim your self-worth

    Claim your self-worth

    Don’t be like those that only serve others when there’s something in it for them. That’s not goodwill or charity, it’s business. Uplifting others should be done because you want them to experience the value that you have in your life. Not because you want them to worship you, or celebrate your praises. Let’s bring…

  • The Lonely Path

    The Lonely Path

    There is comfort in being in a space unoccupied by others. The plague of clich├ęs and the clutter of egos take up residence in crowded spaces. Blending into the crowd always threatened my sanity. Living up to an expectation set against a standard that I don’t subscribe to will always result in disappointment for the…

  • The Edge of Being Broken

    The Edge of Being Broken

    Life has a way of beating you down while lifting you up. It’s often a morbid combination of how we perceive the value we wish to add to the lives of others, versus how they perceive that value themselves. As much as we may strive to separate the two, it is impossible to do so.…