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I specialise in the following areas of life coaching:

1. Dealing with narcissistic abuse
2. Overcoming substance abuse
3. Relationship counselling
4. Relief from chronic illnesses
5. Professional development coaching

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Judging is easy

Judging each other only becomes easy when we assume that we are above the behaviour that were judging. When we receive the benefit of the doubt from others, we assume that we deserve it, rather than it being a result of their generosity of spirit. When we’re misunderstood, we may be inclined towards accusing others …

A brain dump

I need to return to my self. When the feeling of being adrift and the mental fog merge, the road ahead appears as a romantic setting filled with intrigue and adventure, but little answers. In seeking such answers, I may find new paths and new passions, but such a journey cannot be undertaken when chained …

An Incomplete Love Story

A recording of the virtual book launch that I did during lock down. Check it out!

An Incomplete Love Story is a tale, seldom told, of a man struggling to find his humanness in a community where he doesn’t belong.

Zayd is a fourth-generation Muslim Indian, growing up in apartheid South Africa, who fatefully discovers why life matters.

A childhood premonition of hopelessness, a father with an unexplainable rage, and a community steeped in double-standards all make for a perfectly dysfunctional adulthood.

Despite his roots, and his struggle for an identity, Zayd navigates his way through a deeply traditional and culturally aloof community.

The prejudices borne out of the caste system, his racial profile, his social standing, and the sectarianism within his community all make inclusion seem impossible.

Yet, it’s not enough to dull his spirit.

Will the emotional isolation of his childhood set him on a collision course with destiny, or will his anomalous nature finally rid him of the inheritance of an emotionally unavailable father, so that he may find peace before it’s too late?

Curious to preview before buying? Click the download link below to view a PDF of the first two chapters, including order info for international readers.

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Get in touch

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I am amazed at the accuracy of my handwriting analysis. Your intuitive ability makes it that much more insightful. I am impressed and certainly look forward to reading your book.  (Broadcast journalist, radio and TV presenter, therapist, and trauma counsellor)

Najma Khota, Therapist and Trauma Counsellor (Johannesburg, South Africa)

Zaid brings to light so many important themes that influence our lives daily.

Amina Mahomed (Johannesburg, South Africa)

During my very first session with Coach Zaid, I had an unexpected breakthrough for my mindset. I’ll never forget this intense realization!

Johanna O., MLS (USA)

The wisdom in your words come from a place deep within you and your ability to find light in dark places is remarkable.

Fatima Gani (Johannesburg, South Africa)

You giving it to us, owning our shit. Making me realise what my worth is. (In response to a mental health online forum moderated by Zaid Ismail)

Hadjira Sydow (Cape Town, South Africa)

You created a space where we could open up on suppressed thoughts.

Faeeza Marshman (Johannesburg, South Africa)

I used to lack self esteem. I used to lack a lot actually. So thank you Zaid Ismail for assisting me in getting a confidence boost like no other.

Farina Khan (Durban, South Africa)

I love how you talk about things many would not do willingly and in the interim reducing the stigma somewhat. This group has become part of our lives. Keep on doing what you doing coach. (In response to a mental health online forum moderated by Zaid Ismail)

Hajierah Abduraouf (Australia)

Coach, you are a joy to behold – light, curiosity, mischief and kindness always shining through your face.

Chantal Snyman (Cape Town, South Africa)

I’m not a big fan of the term self-help with it’s negative connotation of pop psychology and new age gobbledygook. Or more accurately I wasn’t until I had the good fortune of discovering Zaid Ismail and his first book, The Egosystem.

Amazon Customer (UK)

I loved your book. It was an absolute pleasure to read. I go back to it from time to time, to steal quotes and pretend that they’re mine. 🙂

@vasno1 (UK)

Zaid is a Dr Phil and Steve Harvey hybrid on steroids.

Masoodha Kajee, Healthcare Advocate (Cape Town, South Africa)

I found that in many instances the book was speaking to me as I found myself reading certain passages over and over again because I could relate to it in so many ways.

@tasmoe (Johannesburg, South Africa)

I read the Prologue and the first chapter! I am very intrigued!! I could not stop nodding my head reading it. It’s a very self-aware view of things. But I can’t stop laughing reading your book. But in a good way! “Do not confuse mindfulness with meditation or reflection. They are each unique in their …

Connie Yang, Corporate Professional (UK)