In search of home

Gratitude lays the foundation of the home. Respect builds its walls. Love and compassion provides the roof that protects you from the storm. And passion gives you the windows to allow your soul to breathe. As for faith…faith is the door that opens the path to all of it. Virtues have limited effect or value...

Reader Review - Own Your Sh!t

I read this book in one sitting – I just could not put it down. What wonderful insights into the human way of being. Zaid brings to light so many important themes that influence our lives daily. And invites the reader to be bold enough to consider new perspectives. I had so many AHA! moments....

Insomnia, Anxiety, Mental Clutter – Be gone

Here's a technique that I developed many years ago when insomnia was a friend of mine. I've since found it to be very effective for not just insomnia, but also for anxiety, mental clutter, or just overall peace of mind. When you feel anxious or frustrated, or if you're struggling to focus, try this out and let me know how it works for you.

This technique is discussed in more detail in my book titled Own Your Sh!t.

You give what you have

I’ve had many interesting discussions with my kids about this topic recently. If they are dishonest about something, I make them aware of the fact that they will only find reason to be honest with others if they find it unacceptable to be dishonest with themselves. What we tolerate by ourselves towards ourselves is what...

New spaces

My daughter has been nesting more than usual recently. And she’s been bullying me for my phone to take photos like these of her nesting efforts. These flowers from the garden are surprisingly cheerful. They look beautiful in the garden, but they really pop in the house. I guess it’s a reminder in a way...

She got chills just hearing about the book
Why we need more idealists

I am an idealist. It attracts mockery, condescension, ridicule and any number of other derogatory and passive aggressive responses from people that want to appear a certain way. But I choose to be an idealist in spite of them. The alternate may be choosing to be a realist. However, experience has taught me that realists...

#MenAreTrash #NotAllMen #AmINext

This is for the men out there. The ones who need to consider what they have become when they find it excusable to strike a woman, or worse, to violate her, or kill her. And for those that may not have been raised by a loving or caring mother, because we know they exist as...

Live, Laugh, Love, and leave a Legacy

Live to love, to laugh, and to leave a legacy. Your material success will only be celebrated after your death if it is of benefit to others. Accumulation of wealth to stroke your ego not only deprives you of the joy of human connection, it also denies you the bonds of beauty that feeds your...

Watch “UNISA Radio Interview (Aug ’19)” on YouTube

Listen in for a discussion on why my latest book is so important in changing the narrative of the mental health issues that are spiralling out of control. It’s only once we gain a fresh perspective on old challenges that we can hope to find new ways of resolving them.

The Elephant in the Room: Entitlement

I attended an interesting event recently. It was focused on creating a space for men to discuss their role in furthering the progress of feminism, or at the least, creating equal opportunity spaces for women to succeed in traditionally male-dominated domains. For example, corporate careers, public service, sporting codes, and more. The discussion resulted in...

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