The Egosystem

Zaid is a Dr Phil and Steve Harvey hybrid on steroids.
Masoodha Kajee
Healthcare Executive

The Egosystem is simply the beauty of the human mind without judgement or prejudice. It is a pathway of introspection towards uncovering the deepest mysteries of your soul. Love for the self is only truly possible if we intimately know our true selves. 

Trying to limit our humanness to chemical imbalances, or evolutionary theory is to wish away the very soul that sets us apart from the rest of the animal kingdom.It is an ironical indulgence of the ego to wish away the ego as being something external to us. 

Our ego is simply a personal subscription to beliefs that we think will result in the harmony that we seek in this lifetime.You are unique in your dreams and goals. That is why a one-size-fits-all self-help book will never be good enough to reconnect you with your dreams.

I read the Prologue and the first chapter! I am very intrigued!! I could not stop nodding my head reading it. It’s a very self-aware view of things. But I can’t stop laughing reading your book. But in a good way! “Do not confuse mindfulness with meditation or reflection. They are each unique in their own rights.” I have said that so many times to my friends who meditate.
Connie Yang
Corporate Professional

Self-awareness is core to being able to live a fulfilling and happy life. Don’t try to live your life by someone else’s formula for success. Create your own by recognising the Egosystem that makes you who you are.

Answer the most intimate questions about yourself that you’ve hidden from the world for so long. Understand why you may be holding on to that moment from the past, before embracing the future; or why you may be resisting the happiness in front of you because you’re afraid it might leave you empty again. 

In a world lacking authenticity, everyone is in search of meaning and contentment. That will always remain elusive if you don’t have peace within. That peace starts with being aware of everything that is beautiful, and everything that is difficult about the you that was shaped by the many life lessons that you encountered along your journey to this moment. 

After reading the preview I was curious to see what the book had to offer. Needless to say I was not disappointed. I found that in many instances the book was speaking to me. I found myself reading certain passages over and over again because in so many ways I could relate to it. I also appreciated the collection of essays that described the author's personal journey of introspection and self-awareness. The essays are not too long or tedious, and come with headings and quotes, and I might add, written with good structure. I personally recommend that this book is worth reading more than once and worth packing around for personal reference.Sometimes it takes courage to be self aware and listen to the voices of others. I was left with the belief that it is necessary, achievable and worthy of such a personal investment.

Just like life, you cannot wish away that which you find unpleasant. But you can grow to understand it so that you may finally be able to change it, or release it. Let this be the start of that journey for you. 

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No mantras, lists, exercises, prescriptions, or touchy-feelie rants. Just simple logic that will remove the clutter and restore sanity.

The Egosystem is not about self-help. It is about self-awareness. In a world where everyone expects us to live according to norms that will give us a sense of inclusion in society, but rob us of our own identity, we eventually lose any sense of who we are.

The Egosystem unpacks the humanity that exists in all of us, regardless of cultural, religious, or philosophical persuasions. It makes it possible for everyone to reconnect with the essence of who they are, and empower them to change it if they so desire.

  • Understand your needs
  • Recognise your assumptions
  • Embrace your fears
  • Master your behaviours
  • Hone your responses
  • Establish more informed perspectives about the world

These are all outcomes that will naturally result from your time reading this book. The Egosystem does not provide you with exercises to do, or mantras to repeat. Instead, it simply makes you aware of why you respond to life the way that you do, which in turn prompts the natural curiosity and intelligence of the mind to make conscious choices to change anything you don’t like about where you are in life.


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