Zaid Ismail

I’m not quite your typical life coach, therapist, or counsellor. I’m a maverick who redefines the rules because the rules were written for stereotypes, not for human beings. But I need to call myself something. I thought of soul advisor, life hacker, and even soul whisperer. But none of it resonated with what I really do. The best way to find out is to read all about it.

When I write non-fiction, I want it to be more than just self-help drivel. And when I write fiction, I want it to be more than whimsical fairy tales. I want to inspire deep insights into the wondrous nature of who we are and what shaped us into this version of ourselves. That’s why, If I’m going to tell a story, then I want it to be gritty and real, to connect with your soul and not just your fantasies.

Sometimes I write to share my insanity, but sometimes I write to save it. Wherever the keystrokes take me, that’s what you’ll find in my blog. Everything from love and romance, to loss and betrayal. And of course, crazy introspections and brain dumps to pepper the place with provocative prose and a dash of poetry. Welcome to my asylum.

Like I’ve often mentioned, what feeds the soul doesn’t always fill the belly. And so it is with this passion of mine. That passion being my fascination with the human condition. Making my services and books available commercially allows me to fill my belly while offering you soul food that heals your life. Thank you for supporting me.

Everyone has a back story. Some, more colourful than others. Mine is no exception. After 25 years in the corporate world, I rebooted my life. Version 2.0 is exactly what I needed. My roles, each demanding a different side of my humanness, reveals more about me as a coach, writer, mental health advocate, single parent, and so much more. Check out the trivia section about me while you’re at it. Just because.

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Get in touch

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