Due to the nature of the services and products offered, we unfortunately cannot accept any returns.

Should you choose not to continue with coaching. sessions paid for in advance can be re-allocated to someone you know as an alternative to obtaining a refund. Please see the Refunds section below for more info on how refunds will be calculated.

Deposits or advanced payments made for professional services, including but not limited to self-publishing assistance, graphic designs, photography, and specialised consulting, will be governed by the specific service agremeents entered into for each project.

Where a service agreement does not exist for any work requested, this Refund and Returns Policy will provide the basis for determining the merits of any requested refunds.

Due to the nature of professional services, and the capacity that may be reserved to complete such work, refunds will be entirely at the discretion of the director/s of DotConsult (Pty) Ltd.

Where payments were received electronically, the transaction fees associated with a refund, including the transaction fees incurred for receiving the electronic payment where such payments were made using a payment gateway, will be deducted from the refundable amount.

No handling fees other than actual costs incurred in the processing of transactions, will be deducted from the refundable amount.

All refunds will be processed via electronic funds transfers for all clients with a South African bank account, or via credit/debit card payments for international clients.

Cash is not be available for refunds.

Should you require clarity on any of the above, please complete the website contact form with your query, or contact us via the contact options available on the website.

No-shows for a scheduled session will therefore be charged in full.


Single Sessions

Single sessions will be refunded in full after any applicable transaction fees or discounts have been calculated as per the above-mentioned processing costs that will be for the client’s account.

Refunds will not be allowed if a session was cancelled within 3 hours of the scheduled time for commencement, or after the session was due to commence.

Discounted Prepaid Package of Sessions

For discounted prepaid packages, the refund will be calculated as follows:
a. Each session already used from the package will be charged at the prevailing full session rate. b. The balance owing will be the difference between the amount calculated for the number of sessions used from the package, and the balance of what was paid in advance.

If a client purchased a 5-session package at a discounted rate of R2250, but attended or scheduled 2 of the 5 sessions within the cancellation rules mentioned above, the refundable portion will be calculated as follows:

  • Prevailing session rate = R500
  • Amount paid for 5-session package = R2250
  • Amount owing for 2 sessions used = R500 x 2
  • Balance due = R1250

The discount applied to packages falls away when a refund for a portion of the package is requested because the discount only applies if the number of sessions purchased have been consumed in full.

Discounts from a lower package will not be applied to higher packages in the calculation of the refundable amount due. E.g. If a 5-session package was purchased, and 3 sessions are to be refunded, the cost of a 3-session package will not apply as part of the refund calculation.

As with single session refunds, any payments received electronically will be subject to the cost of the transaction fees incurred for receiving the payment and for the transaction fees incurred for the refund.



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