Does it feel like life is too much to handle?

Do you miss the days when it was simple?

Life has a way of getting insanely complicated when we’re not looking.

Forget about chemical balances, laws of attraction, and whispering to the universe.

It’s time to reconnect with you.

In this easy-to-follow 21 day guide that includes insights and challenges that reconnect you with the simple pleasures in life, discover what it means to live again…but without over-thinking things.

Just be happy. It could be worse. Don’t take life so seriously. Are you tired of hearing this? Well-meaning friends and colleagues tell us to stay positive, but it often has the opposite effect.

Don’t be misled into thinking that happiness is just a choice. If it were, there would be no sad people. Getting a grip on your emotions is crucial for recovery from heartbreak, trauma, abandonment, and many other trials. Break the cycle of feeling overwhelmed by what happens to you.

Own Your Sh!t is a book that helps you to understand why you feel sad, depressed or angry about life. It doesn’t tell you to overcome it by asking you to do what worked for someone else, because you’re not someone else.

So, stop judging yourself so harshly, or allowing others to do the same. Let this book guide you out of that toxic space and into a better version of you. It’s time to own your sh!t.

An exceptionally good read. Inspirational and motivating.

Fathima Moosa (Own Your Shit)

“The flower fluttered in the wind and blossomed
radiantly as if the whole world was admiring it. At that point I realised that it was beautiful even if I was not there to admire its beauty, and for a brief moment I felt a deep yearning for people to be like that flower.”
(The Egosystem)

Paying attention to detail around you is the easy part. Understanding why you take what you do from that detail is the not-so-easy part. That’s emotional mindfulness, and that’s what the author delivers on in this powerful read. The Egosystem is a hard-hitting take on introspection and self-awareness. It leads you on a journey to achieve a level of mindfulness where it matters most. Your emotions.

“Superbly insightful and thoughtfully put together.”

Dr Yazeed Seedat (The Egosystem)
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