An Incomplete Love Story

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An Incomplete Love Story is about the journey of a young man struggling to find his humanness in a community where he doesn’t belong.

Zayd is a fourth-generation Muslim Indian boy in South Africa who discovers why life matters, despite not holding much hope of reaching adulthood.

A childhood premonition of hopelessness, a father with an unexplainable rage, and a community steeped in double-standards all make his childhood the perfect setting for a dysfunctional adulthood.

Despite his roots, and his struggle for an identity, Zayd navigates his way through the deeply traditional and culturally aloof community during the dying days of apartheid, recalling the many colourful experiences that informed his often-romantic notions about the world.

His natural inclination towards social detachment, and his naivety about the ways of the world leaves him struggling for sanity in his search for a companion.

His struggle with the prejudices borne out of the caste system, his racial profile, his social standing, and the sectarianism within the Muslim community all make inclusion seem impossible.

Yet, it’s not enough to dull his spirit.

Will the emotional isolation of his childhood set him on a collision course with destiny, or will his anomalous nature finally rid him of the inheritance of an emotionally unavailable father so that he may find peace before it’s too late?

Will fate be kind, or is he doomed to being an anomaly without a home…for him, or his heart?

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