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Zaid Ismail is the type of maverick thinker that leaves you wondering why you missed the obvious for so long. Acutely focused on simplifying the complexity of life, and relationships, Zaid brings insights into the inner workings of our mind in ways that make it accessible to everyone.

Drawing from personal experiences, examples are relate-able and theory is minimal. His writing spans a lifelong passion of exploring the human psyche, and defining the cycles that make us tick.

A single father, IT strategist, and entrepreneur, Zaid actively seeks out the beauty behind the challenge, or the proverbial silver lining that taunts so many from behind the clouds. Demonstrating the beauty and opportunity that the most difficult of personal circumstances may present is his specialty.

Zaid is working on a new book titled Divorce with Dignity, a book about surviving the ravages of bitter break-ups and destructive power struggles associated with divorce. Another title that is also in the pipeline is a fictional story about the beauty of love, the innocent destructiveness of naivety, and loss.

In addition to the above new titles, a version of The Egosystem intended for a teenage audience will also be made available soon.

P.S. Zaid is not a certified health professional, therefore any health advice implied, stated, or derived from his writing is based entirely on his own experiences, observations, and ad hoc research and is not intended to replace the advice that should be sought from certified healthcare professionals.

P.P.S. Images used are mostly the property of Zaid Ismail, unless specifically credited otherwise.

13 thoughts on “About The Author

  1. “I hope you find my ramblings of value, if not wholesome, then at least mildly entertaining.”
    Actually, this post alone is RATHER entertaining.
    Your choice of words journeyed me to a place I’ve always dreamt of but have not figured out what and where it could be. Love it! πŸ™‚

      1. Yeas! I need some time to sit down for real and digest your thoughts over cups and cups of coffee. I have just browsed over the titles. It would kill me just reading them literally. I feel like reading beyond the lines then matching them with theories and principles. Hahahaha. Missing graduate school classroom. πŸ’πŸ°β˜•οΈ

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