Claim your self-worth

Don’t be like those that only serve others when there’s something in it for them.

That’s not goodwill or charity, it’s business.

Uplifting others should be done because you want them to experience the value that you have in your life.

Not because you want them to worship you, or celebrate your praises.

Let’s bring sincerity and authenticity back into fashion.

My sense of self-worth can only be established through selfless service to those around me.

Whether my contribution is appreciated or not is not what defines me.

But that I contribute, sacrifice, and enrich others’ lives willingly is what has always brought joy to me, and has always given me reason to sleep peacefully at night, even if spurned by those that I serve the most.

Serve because of your conviction in the value that it brings to others, not because of the gratitude or acknowledgement that you need for your service.

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