Who’s doing you in?

This is a phenomenon that I encountered regularly in the corporate world.When your performance appraisal is reviewed against your targets only, but all mitigating circumstances are dismissed, understand that they're not interested in rating your performance, they're interested in finding someone to blame for their lack of competence, or lack of support.If, however, you find... Continue Reading →

Dream killers

Do you find yourself waiting in the shadows, wondering when will it be safe to emerge and take that risk on something that you've always dreamt of achieving?Are you waiting for the perfect moment to ensure that you get it just right?Or do you find yourself mentioning it to any person that shows an interest... Continue Reading →

Let the voiceless speak for themselves

I see so many people speaking on behalf of others, often starting out with good intention, but later distorting that intention by projecting their own values on the ones whom they wish to uplift.Despite our best intentions, we stifle the voices of others when we speak on their behalf.Not to be confused with supporting the... Continue Reading →

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