Be purposeful

Be the one who acts with purpose and conviction, and leave greatness to take care of itself.The moment you're focused on who you're attracting, or how you appear to others, you're distracted from your purpose.Be purposeful. And connect with the value of who you are and what you wish to create in the lives of [...]

It’s not yet time to quit

Inspiration...if it came easily, it wouldn't really be inspired, it would be convenient.It's in those moments when everything we want to take for granted is not available that we are pushed to consider the impossible as a possibility.That's when we dig really deep.That's when we abandon convention.That's when what we question the limits that we [...]

More than a wish

Wishing it's a sunny day when it's raining is not going to make the sun come out.Leaving your umbrella behind is therefore an act of foolishness, not optimism.Optimism without evidence or action, or both, is a delusion we use to cope with an unpleasant reality.Wishing away reality only allows that unpleasantness to fester and gain [...]

Dare to dream

When we pursue the impossible, we achieve the unbelievable.But, we're often so distracted by how impossible our goal might appear, that we lose sight of everything that its pursuit offers us.Fortune cookie wisdom tells us that it's the journey that matters, not the destination.Yet, we lose sight of the growth that the journey offers, and [...]

Your perspective is your choice

Perspective is a choice, not an inheritance.Improve your awareness of why you believe what you believe, and it will be possible to consciously choose what resonates with your personal value system, and discarding what doesn't.When we lose sight of why we hold the perspectives that we do, and those perspectives create a conflict within us, [...]

Be exceptional

If we focus on the exception, we'll realise what is possible.If we focus on the norm, we'll surrender to what we think is inevitable.This is at the heart of mediocrity versus excellence.There are those that look at trends and try to follow, and those that focus on value and pursue a better path. Wanting to [...]