What are you waiting for?

When we find ourselves waiting for just the right moment, or that right feeling, or the perfect setting, or the ideal opportunity to present itself before we do something, we're afraid of failure.If we know, with understanding and rational thought, why we are not ready for something, that's different.When we have no real reason to [...]

Mediocrity is the enemy of life

How often do you hold back so that you don't ruffle feathers?Maybe you hold back because you don't want to be the odd one out?Or perhaps you withhold what you're capable of because you don't want anyone to think that you are arrogant, or full of yourself, or trying to steal the limelight?When we focus [...]

Own your life

Note to self: When you allow yourself to be defined by the scepticism of others, you impose their limitations on yourself.Recognising that all mental and emotional limitations are self-imposed is critical to growth.These limitations are revealed in how we believe we are compelled to respond to someone or some experience.It is revealed in how we [...]