Trading the future for the past

Sometimes, we lose ourselves in the struggle to build the future that we want, while forgetting that it's a struggle because we're still living in the past.Our expectations about what opportunities lie ahead, or what we believe we're capable of achieving, are defined by what we believe to be true about the events that got... Continue Reading →

Confidently you…and only you

The question is, do you know yourself well enough to have an informed opinion of yourself?When we rely on others for more than just feedback, and instead, we allow them to validate who we are, we essentially give them the power to define how we feel about ourselves.Listening to what others think of you must... Continue Reading →

Assumed to be inadequate

Assumptions are those things that eventually appear as facts because we've been making those assumptions for so long that we don't see reason to question it any longer.It's a theme that sets in over a long period of time, and becomes the lens through which we see the world.More importantly, it becomes the lens through... Continue Reading →

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