Know your worth

How many of us spend our lives trying to convince turkeys that they're eagles, and in the process, sabotage our own growth and happiness?To quote another piece of old school wisdom, birds of a feather flock together.If you don't know your own nature, you will associate with those who are not aligned with your goals [...]

Seize the moment…not the day

Tomorrow is not just another day.Tomorrow is simply today again, only with less time than we had yesterday.If you're not focused on what you need to achieve today, you'll always be trying to finish what you should've done yesterday.That's how procrastination and misplaced optimism wastes away a good life.By all means, pace yourself so that [...]

Failure is not a group sport

When you find reason to sit back and lick the wounds of your ego, remember this.No one will ever be as invested in your success as you are.The sooner you own your life, the sooner you'll be able to enrich the lives of those around you.It's easier to fail collectively, than to fail alone.Setting out [...]

If tomorrow never comes…

So often I hear people speak of tomorrow not being guaranteed, but still packing away that dinner set for just a special occasion.We delay making changes that we know we need to make to improve the quality of our life, or of the lives of those around us, because we think we have time.We look [...]

In pursuit of a life worth living

We get it wrong so often.We chase the means to an end and neglect the end.We find reason to exhaust ourselves in accumulating the trophies of life while discarding life along that journey.The celebrity lifestyle teaches us that a celebration of our accomplishments is rarely a celebration of who we are.The accumulation of wealth, the [...]

To be…

Much of life is wasted in the time spent considering if we should or shouldn't do that thing that we're passionate about.That consideration is most often based on our doubts about what others will think, and rarely because we doubt the value of doing it.Sometimes, we persevere and find the courage within ourselves to follow [...]