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  • Break the stigma. Stop the label.

    Break the stigma. Stop the label.

    I think it was Dr Wayne Dyer who said that if you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change. This is true both positively and negatively. Do you know someone who has a problem for every solution? Who sees doom and gloom at the happiest of moments? Who is […]

  • Celebrate the dead. Discard the living.

    Celebrate the dead. Discard the living.

    Ever notice how often people are revered when they’ve passed on, but the same people were neglected, ignored, or even treated badly while they were alive? Sometimes the reverse is also true. The one who passed on may have left a path of destruction in the lives of those around them, but because of their […]

  • The silent ones

    The silent ones

    True misery doesn’t love company. It decays the soul in silence. When someone is complaining, it’s because they still have hope that someone cares enough to listen or respond. Or even to empathise. When they give up on these three things, they go silent because they have grown to accept that no one else cares, […]

  • Save yourself from regrets

    Save yourself from regrets

    I believe that among the great deathbed regrets will be the realisation that we never truly showed the world who we are. It’s the what-ifs and if-onlys that cause more regret and heartache than any bad decision. Bad decisions are made with good intentions, yet we always choose to remember the negative outcome, rather than […]

  • The Sound of Inevitability 

    The Sound of Inevitability 

    One of my favourite movie scenes is the one in The Matrix where the agent holds down Neo’s head as he has him pinned down to the railway tracks. With the sound of an oncoming train rumbling in the distance, the agent pulls Neo’s head up and says in the coldest, driest, and most deliberate […]

  • Stark Reality

    There is a starkness that stares you in the face as you see the distractions for what they are. Looking to the future with great expectations, I always found myself pushing the boundaries within which I operated. It was never about what is, but instead, was always about what could be, what is possible, and […]

  • Final Moments

    I’ve always believed that if we were to live a long and painful life, and in the end, in our last few moments, we experienced the absolute serenity and completeness of everything we sought to experience or achieve in our lifetime, the entirety of the pain and struggles of our lives would be easily forgotten. […]

  • Dying is Easy

    During my morbid years, you know, the years that are accompanied by knowing everything, followed by the years of futility before we realise that adults are weighed down with responsibility rather than just being deliberately boring, I found it attractive to look forward to death. Living beyond the age of 23 was not a life […]