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  • Pitying yourself because of your self-pity

    Pitying yourself because of your self-pity

    When we realise the impact that our self-pity has on those around us, we’ll discover that we’re part of the cycle that leads to us feeling sorry for ourselves. Focusing on what we don’t have distracts us from all the opportunities that are possible with what we do have. Similarly, focusing on who we are […]

  • When gratitude becomes a transaction

    When gratitude becomes a transaction

    When we lack gratitude for who we are but wish to feel grateful, we surround ourselves with things and people who don’t expect more from us than we expect from ourselves. To do this, we must push away those who believe that we’re capable of more. Focusing on proving your gratitude, to yourself and to […]

  • Are you really passionate?

    Are you really passionate?

    They say that there is no limit to what a man can do if he doesn’t care who gets the credit for it. Right there is the reason why most of us don’t achieve our dreams. We chase validation more than we pursue excellence. When we don’t get that validation, we give up our dreams […]

  • A hard heart beats its owner

    A hard heart beats its owner

    We become defined by what we have when we lack substance in who we are. We offer material comfort and chase material gains when connecting with the human, both in ourselves and in others, seems like a stretch too far. What we think of ourselves is what we surround ourselves with. The one who loves […]

  • Ingratitude, the illegitimate child of self-loathing

    Ingratitude, the illegitimate child of self-loathing

    When you judge yourself harshly, you lose sight of the good that you’re achieving. That you judge yourself at all is an indulgence in breaking yourself down, rather than lifting yourself up. That’s why those who judge themselves most, are also most dependent on others treating them well before they feel significant, even if their […]

  • Your perspective may be your undoing

    Your perspective may be your undoing

    Internal conflict is the greatest contributor to misery. And misery or stress is felt most deeply when we’re at odds with ourselves, which affects our health because of that internal conflict. It is stress that always precedes any physical ailment that forms as a chronic illness within our body. And expectations are at the core […]

  • Who’s draining your joy?

    Who’s draining your joy?

    Avoidance requires distractions, and distractions are exhausting. We don’t always avoid the truth because we want to. In fact, most often, it’s because we’re persisting in what we believe to be true that causes us to ignore the reality that we’re facing. Like investing in someone who is at war with themselves. Or expecting opportunities […]

  • Choose your battles carefully

    Choose your battles carefully

    There’s that old saying that reminds us that if we stop to respond to every barking dog, we’ll never get to the end of the street.. The lack of interest, lack of respect, or lack of appreciation that you receive in response to your efforts towards what should be joint goals is good reason to […]