Never lose hope

There are three expectations that I've found to ravage the soul. They are :1. The expectation of respect from those whom you respect2. The expectation of appreciation from those for whom you sacrifice and serve3. The expectation of honesty from those whom you trustIf not for these three expectations, much of this world's bitterness would [...]

You give what you have

What we believe is true about ourselves is what we are capable of offering to others.Nothing more.Nothing less.You cannot give what you don't have. The day you realise this is the day you'll see the fears and weaknesses that drives others to behave badly towards you.It was never about you.It's always about reflecting who they [...]

Suicide is avoidable

This is a reminder for those who think that everyone who wears their heart on their sleeves, or are just looking for attention.It may not be healthy, but it's their way of drawing attention to their struggle that they need help with.How we respond either enables the unhealthy expression, diminishes their efforts to be heard, [...]

What are you waiting for?

When we find ourselves waiting for just the right moment, or that right feeling, or the perfect setting, or the ideal opportunity to present itself before we do something, we're afraid of failure.If we know, with understanding and rational thought, why we are not ready for something, that's different.When we have no real reason to [...]


People that respect your victim-hood do so because it makes them feel better about themselves.It doesn't mean that they are malicious or have bad intentions. But they most likely don't even realise it themselves.In fact, you may be supporting others in ways that comfort you more than it helps them.When we find familiarity in our [...]

How to abandon your dreams

Failure only threatens is if we feel defined by the outcome of our efforts in trying to achieve our goals.Sometimes those goals are small things that influence the daily quality of our lives, and sometimes it's big things that shape our future.The source of fearing failure is in our need to be respected by those [...]