A burdensome labour of love

Responsibility, when met with gratitude, feels like a labour of love.Remove gratitude, and it becomes a burdensome load.But only if gratitude is expected.That's when expectations weigh down on us more than responsibility, because of the internal wait for others to reciprocate, or to notice.It's not unreasonable to hold that expectation.In fact, we should expect those [...]

Prisons of our minds

Without realising it, we create most of the boundaries and the dependencies that we have on others, often without them being aware of it.One of the reasons we do this is because that is our code of life that we're honouring.It's our way of respecting or protecting what we see as sacred in that relationship.However, [...]

The absent parent

Even an absent parent is still parenting.It's then on the shoulders of the present one to compensate for that.Sometimes, the absence of someone has a greater impact on us than the presence of others.This is especially true for parenting.The absent parent leaves the child with feelings of abandonment, insignificance, and a low self-esteem, to name [...]