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  • Conveniently judgemental

    Conveniently judgemental

    Judgement is only ever supposed to be the first step in correcting what’s wrong. Sadly, it’s most often the only step that we take when faced with unbecoming behaviour from others. Worse still, judgement is easy to dish out about issues and incidents that are none of our business because having an opinion on something […]

  • Collective guilt, collective malice

    Collective guilt, collective malice

    One of the trappings of the victim head space is that it convinces us to surround ourselves with those who will understand why we’re weak, or why we behave badly, because they themselves struggle with similar demons. Our need to avoid rejection or to feel validated causes us more harm than good. The comfort that […]

  • Who’s doing you in?

    Who’s doing you in?

    This is a phenomenon that I encountered regularly in the corporate world. When your performance appraisal is reviewed against your targets only, but all mitigating circumstances are dismissed, understand that they’re not interested in rating your performance, they’re interested in finding someone to blame for their lack of competence, or lack of support. If, however, […]