Recognise your demons

Some of the most disheartening moments we may experience include trying to help someone we care about while they reject our efforts.The harder we try, the more they resist.The more persistent we are, the greater their anger or bitterness towards us.Most often, it's not because of who we are or what we're trying to do.Most [...]

Celebrate your humanness

Tears are not weakness because it takes strength to embrace your humanness.The worst brutes lack the courage to be human because appearing unaffected by others is their idea of strength. Sadly, such a show of strength seals their hearts to emotion and blinds their eyes to the harshness that they exhale, creating distance between them [...]

Own your self-worth

Before we can allow the world to define us, we have to first give up what we believe to be true about ourselves.I've seen so many test their significance in the lives of significant others, and when they don't get the affection or inclusion that they want, they readily assume that it's because they're not [...]

Waiting to live…

When we are raised in an environment focused on discipline before purpose, or compliance before understanding, we develop the belief that fitting in is more important than who we are.This same mindset leads us to be bullish in our efforts to uphold the status quo because of the inclusion that it offers, while violently rejecting [...]

Destroying the one we love

When we look at ourselves with harshness or pity, we find reason to protect ourselves and others from what we see.We convince ourselves that we are a burden or a curse to those who deserve better than what we have to offer.Or, we convince ourselves that we won't be able to bear them leaving, so [...]