When gratitude becomes a transaction

When we lack gratitude for who we are but wish to feel grateful, we surround ourselves with things and people who don’t expect more from us than we expect from ourselves.

To do this, we must push away those who believe that we’re capable of more.

Focusing on proving your gratitude, to yourself and to others, is ingratitude.

Gratitude is like humility, or happiness.

Gratitude is not a choice, nor is it an attitude.

Gratitude is a state of being.

It’s a deeply profound connection that we have between who we are and what we desire to improve in the world around us.

The distraction comes in when we focus on improving that world around us because we want to be appreciated, or because we want to appear generous, or benevolent in some way.

However, these choices are rarely, if ever, conscious choices that we make.

The ones who are consciously putting up a front will reveal clear signs of self-loathing in their physical state.

That’s why the ones who are trading acts of gratitude to compensate for their lack of self-worth will put in that much more effort in how they show up physically, while fading away the moment someone looks deeper than their facade.

Self-loathing is ever more destructive when we blame others for how we feel about ourselves, because most often, we lash out dry, or discard, the ones who built us up in the first place.

Self-loathing destroys more than just your peace.

It also destroys the peace of those who care enough to want you to be in a better space.

It always starts with you.

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