Are you really passionate?

They say that there is no limit to what a man can do if he doesn’t care who gets the credit for it.

Right there is the reason why most of us don’t achieve our dreams.

We chase validation more than we pursue excellence.

When we don’t get that validation, we give up our dreams and rage at the world instead.

Waiting for others to validate your efforts, or to buy into your dream before you pursue it yourself means that you aren’t truly convinced about the value of it in the first place.

However, when we get to that point, we try to convince ourselves that we could’ve been great if only…

The reality is…our main reason for wanting to achieve it was what we hoped it would draw in appreciation or praise from others, and not because we truly wanted to create something of value to us.

Needing validation is a human trait.

We need to feel appreciated, or understood, or celebrated even.

However, none of that comes from chasing for it.

It comes from people connecting with the value of who we are and what we create in the world around us.

When we give up on our dreams because of the absence of support from others while we’re trying to achieve it, we deny them an opportunity to experience the value of what we believed in.

Worse than this, we deny ourselves the opportunity to experience the joy of creating something of value because we found it valuable, and not because we needed to be noticed.

Life feels empty, despite our successes, when we rely on the reactions from others to encourage us to pursue what’s important to us.

Are you really passionate about your dream, or are you hoping it will attract people into your life?

If you’re not investing in you, why should anyone else?

Own Your Life.

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