Silent screams

Crying, or a show of emotion, is still a sign of hope that things can be different.It's a means to communicate our dissatisfaction because we believe that our dissatisfaction matters.Our emotional expression is exactly that. An expression.No one expresses unless there is an expectation of a response.That response may be from others, or even from [...]

Own your dream

When you find yourself putting your dreams on hold because you're waiting for others to confirm that it's a feasible project, or that you're capable of achieving it, know that it's not a dream. It's simply a wish.Dreams can either be an indulgence of escapism, or it can be a seed of passion.Most use it [...]

The enemy of mindfulness

We find ourselves in a state of duress, or stress, when we lose sight of what we can influence, whi fee helpless in the face of everything that we think is out of our control.Whenever we're faced with a problem, we either focus on mitigating the impact of the problem on us, or we focus [...]