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  • Torturous love

    Torturous love

    And so it is…love and torture have always been stablemates. Sometimes, without warning, someone enters your life and challenges every assumption that you ever made about what’s possible. What you thought you deserved was limited to what you were capable of achieving up to that point, and maybe just a quiet desire to acquire some […]

  • Peace is possible

    Peace is possible

    The belief that what doesn’t kill us makes us stronger is a lie. Yes, it may prepare us for greater trials and opportunities, but we also grow impatient or intolerant if we repeatedly faced with the same or similar challenge. Life begins to feel stagnant and suffocating of we find ourselves faced with the same […]

  • Growth is inevitable

    Growth is inevitable

    This was an important realisation that has carried me through many difficult experiences in life. What’s even more important to realise is that when we choose a positive growth for ourselves, there is no guarantee that the people around us will choose the same. Don’t back down from being a better version of you because […]

  • Elusive peace…

    Elusive peace…

    Peace…that elusive mist that needs to enshroud everything. Its absence creates the need to change the circumstances of our lives, so that we leave no space for nothing, needing every space to be filled with something. Some look to fill those spaces with trinkets and tokens. Others look to fill it with purposeful endeavours. But […]

  • A brain dump

    A brain dump

    Some find solace as the years progress. Some find love. Some find an emptiness where space was once held in hope for a significant other. My contemplations of which applies to me hold no sway any longer. Writing this post creates a delusion of its own. Although it could be interpreted as gratitude or reflection […]

  • Destroying the one we love

    Destroying the one we love

    When we look at ourselves with harshness or pity, we find reason to protect ourselves and others from what we see. We convince ourselves that we are a burden or a curse to those who deserve better than what we have to offer. Or, we convince ourselves that we won’t be able to bear them […]

  • Don’t wait for justice

    Don’t wait for justice

    This world was created for respite, not for justice. Stop waiting for it to be OK before you move on with your life. It will never truly be OK. And when you eventually do move on, it’s because you stopped waiting for it to be OK, not because it suddenly was OK. Life is most […]

  • Lost moments

    Lost moments

    The pendulum of time brushes ever so lightly against the arc of eternity, and in that very finite moment of its contact, an entire lifetime is lived. Some are deluded into believing that the pendulum will swing back, realising too late that once the moment is passed, it is lost to eternity. For some reason, […]