Two rules for life

There are two rules that I wish more people would apply in their lives.Rules that will result in more sincerity and less hypocrisy.More trust, less betrayal.More wholesome relationships, less infidelity and betrayal.The two rules are simple.Firstly, don't exhaust yourself explaining your behaviour to people who don't matter. This not only gives you a false sense [...]

The hypocrisy of self-loathing

The most toxic plague in the human condition is that of demanding kindness while withholding it. I watch with morbid curiosity the volumes of memes and quotes shared by many in which we are reminded to treat everyone with kindness because we never know what struggles they are enduring. Yet, those same people are waiting [...]

If tomorrow never comes…

So often I hear people speak of tomorrow not being guaranteed, but still packing away that dinner set for just a special occasion.We delay making changes that we know we need to make to improve the quality of our life, or of the lives of those around us, because we think we have time.We look [...]

Humanity for sale

The ones driven by the validation of others turn themselves into victims.The ones driven by the belief that no one cares or no one understands, turn themselves into oppressors and abusers.But when we're so focused on our own struggles, we fail to see the struggles that we introduce into the lives of others.That's why we [...]

In pursuit of a life worth living

We get it wrong so often.We chase the means to an end and neglect the end.We find reason to exhaust ourselves in accumulating the trophies of life while discarding life along that journey.The celebrity lifestyle teaches us that a celebration of our accomplishments is rarely a celebration of who we are.The accumulation of wealth, the [...]