Are you there for you?

We're more inclined to recognise the needs of the weak, than we are of the strong.Without meaning to, we diminish the humanness of those who persevere without complaint, because they often make it look so easy.When we're the strong ones persevering without complaint, we risk diminishing our own humanness as well, because we become defined [...]

Emotional wellbeing, not mental health

It is only through our internal wars that we lose sight of reality.The culture of labeling people dehumanises the very human that is struggling with their humanness.We focus on our demons so intently, that we become defined by them, bearing them patiently in quiet shame, protecting ourselves from being exposed for what we hold within.When [...]

A path to insanity

We work with the assumption that our partners and our children share the same values that we try to uphold in our lives.This is rarely true.While we may share the same frame of reference or even the same cultural norms, values are much more personal, and therefore unique.Our personal value systems are shaped by what [...]