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  • Peace is possible

    Peace is possible

    The belief that what doesn’t kill us makes us stronger is a lie. Yes, it may prepare us for greater trials and opportunities, but we also grow impatient or intolerant if we repeatedly faced with the same or similar challenge. Life begins to feel stagnant and suffocating of we find ourselves faced with the same […]

  • Make space for peace

    Make space for peace

    Don’t go searching for peace. Get rid of the noise and peace will find its way to you. When you find yourself in darkness, it doesn’t help to try to contain the darkness, does it? Instead, we go in search of a means to create l light. Similarly, when you’re desiring peace, you need to […]

  • Soul food

    Soul food

    The physical form demands fulfilment, while the soul demands peace. Too often, we mistake the fulfilment of our physical needs to be soul food, and we neglect our soul. As this soul food grows familiar, we seek ever more creative ways to get that fulfilment leading us further into indulgence, and away from peace. Soul […]

  • Peace is not the absence of battles

    Peace is not the absence of battles

    When life feels overwhelming, the most effective way to slow things down is to choose our battles. Prioritising what’s important over what’s urgent usually sets the tone for what we tolerate or invest our time in, versus what we ignore or postpone. However, this only creates capacity to deal with new battles that may arise, […]

  • Silent Protest

    Silent Protest

                      A protest that cannot be articulated, is a protest spawned by futility, to feed futility.                 My contempt for what I am presented with is rarely expressed plainly. My reservations to express at all is grounded in years of […]

  • The impossible dream

    The impossible dream

    When home is elusive, the world feels ominous. A journey to a place you’ve never been holds the promise of peace, despite never having known what peace feels like. It’s a cry of the soul, in tones and words that no one seems to understand. But you keep crying, and you keep trying, because something […]

  • Willingly obliged

    Willingly obliged

    This is most true for religious subscription and cultural heritage, but applies to every relationship in our life. Choice inspires willingness because a choice is driven by our belief in the benefit of our contribution towards others. Obligation inspires contempt because it is most often associated with the threat of a negative repercussion. What drives […]

  • The understanding seeker

    The understanding seeker

    Seek to understand, so that you may be able to accept the events of your life with peace, rather than feeling compelled to let go with bitterness. It’s the inclination to want to be heard that denies us peace when we’re not heard. Or to want to be acknowledged when we are dismissed. Rather than […]