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  • Do you practice self-serving justice?

    Do you practice self-serving justice?

    The matter of justice doesn’t only apply to matters of criminal behaviour or social conduct, but it’s especially true for how we conduct ourselves within our family units. It’s the injustices that we experience within our families that result in the misconduct that we express in our lives. That injustice doesn’t always feel like a…

  • The Art of Deconstruction

    The Art of Deconstruction

    I’ve watched silently, often with annoyance, how it is that so many are considered to be intellectuals for their ability to tear apart someone else’s argument or contribution. The more effective they are at breaking down an opinion that they disagree with, the more revered they are in some circles. That’s the part that I…

  • (Source: http://younisd.tumblr.com/post/4211831741)

  • (Source: http://younisd.tumblr.com/post/4211831741)