Your perspective is your choice

Perspective is a choice, not an inheritance.Improve your awareness of why you believe what you believe, and it will be possible to consciously choose what resonates with your personal value system, and discarding what doesn't.When we lose sight of why we hold the perspectives that we do, and those perspectives create a conflict within us, [...]

Yearning for a simple life

Life is simple, but it's not easy.It becomes complicated when we look for the easy way out.Doing the right thing is often complicated by our concern for the consequences with those around us.The greater our emphasis on those consequences, the more complicated life becomes because we have that much more to consider before we hold [...]

The silent lie

Dishonesty isn't always a lie. It's often an unspoken truth. In fact, unspoken truths are probably the source of more dishonesty than outright lies.We remain silent when we feel threatened by the revelation of the truth.That threat is not always about exposure of who we are. Sometimes, it's because we don't want to bear the [...]

A Beautiful Mess

The last year has been a beautiful mess. It has been a year of pushing boundaries and testing long-held truths. People, relationships, skills, passions, and even hobbies all came under close scrutiny as I peeled away the layers of assumptions that coated them over the years to test whether they still served me well, or at all.

Honest Lies

Dishonesty is the worst form of disrespect. It's a show of disrespect to yourself before it says anything about the value you place on others. Far too often we convince ourselves of the need for the lesser of two evils to justify the dishonesty, but in the process we set in motion a sequence of [...]

Choose the Bitter Pill

Increasingly I see people entering their later years of life bitter and ridden with chronic ailments. Ailments that are referred to as lifestyle diseases for good reason because it results from poor choices that conflict with our need for balance and harmony. We fiercely protect our right to choose what we want and who we [...]