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  • Do you practice self-serving justice?

    Do you practice self-serving justice?

    The matter of justice doesn’t only apply to matters of criminal behaviour or social conduct, but it’s especially true for how we conduct ourselves within our family units. It’s the injustices that we experience within our families that result in the misconduct that we express in our lives. That injustice doesn’t always feel like a…

  • Own your demons

    Own your demons

    When faced with the brutal aggression or harshness from another, it’s easy to convince ourselves that they treat us that way because of how they feel about us. Unless we’ve done something to specifically provoke them by treating them in a way that undermines their dignity or the trust that they placed in us, their…

  • Rocks don’t bleed

    Rocks don’t bleed

    Sometimes your tears are a mourning of what was, and at other times it’s a yearning for what could have been. More than this, it’s a path to the gentleness of your soul that is oppressed by the trials of life. When your heart stops yearning for what was, or what you wish could be…