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  • To me… From me…

    To me… From me…

    This may seem vain, but I’ve been wanting to do this in my copy of my first book since I first published it. And today, sitting and reading through it to remind myself of some of that advice that I give others but don’t use, it felt like the right time to finally acknowledge me. […]

  • Avoiding life is waiting for death

    Avoiding life is waiting for death

    Sometimes, avoiding drama seems like the only possibility of experiencing peace. But, that’s like saying that as long as we’re not sad, we must be happy. We know that’s not true. The absence of unpleasant events in our life may give us reason to be grateful for not having them, but it doesn’t mean that […]

  • To be loved

    To be loved

    To be seen… Beyond the facade. To have the essence of who we are, known to those we trust and hold dear. To be heard… Not only when we cry out, but also when we speak gently of the troubles in our heart. To be loved… For more than how we make others feel, but […]

  • Torturous love

    Torturous love

    And so it is…love and torture have always been stablemates. Sometimes, without warning, someone enters your life and challenges every assumption that you ever made about what’s possible. What you thought you deserved was limited to what you were capable of achieving up to that point, and maybe just a quiet desire to acquire some […]

  • Dream a little dream…

    Dream a little dream…

    In a world of cynics, it’s easy to lose sight of the power that you have to turn your dreams into reality. Your efforts become more daunting when faced with an endless barrage of naysayers who only see your potential through their own fears. Sincere advisors are often driven by fear, and thus focus on […]

  • Looking a gift horse in the mouth

    Looking a gift horse in the mouth

    When we’re driven by aesthetics and appearances, social standing becomes more important than substance or authenticity. We lose ourselves to the way we want to be perceived, rather than what we want to create. We grow defined by how others treat us, or how well we can hide our flaws. We pursue all the right […]

  • Daydream your life away…

    Daydream your life away…

    Sometimes we lose ourselves to nostalgia to the point of disconnecting from the life that we have. Good memories are great, as long as it’s not a reason to take our current blessings for granted. Many of us are so fixated on the life that we once had, that we neglect the people and the […]

  • Turning pain into beauty

    Turning pain into beauty

    Shortly after I published my novel, An Incomplete Love Story, I remember asking if I finally had permission to post romantic, or mushy stuff. The responses were entertaining and generally positive. The most common question I get is whether it is based on true life, or is it fiction. Suffice to say it’s a dumbed […]