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  • Own your misery

    Own your misery

    Miserable are the ones who compete with their companions, and then go searching for companionship among those that will ruin them. Self-pity and self-loathing are the marks of ingratitude that turn your greatest supporters into your greatest distractions. All because you think that they see the inadequacy and shame with which you view yourself. That’s […]

  • Woe is me…or is it?

    Woe is me…or is it?

    The need to be pacified about the struggles of our life is an indication of how much or how little we believe in ourselves to rise above it. When we lose sight of our contribution towards our current state, we surrender to destiny or fate, and wait to be saved or celebrated for how strong […]

  • Are you there for you?

    Are you there for you?

    We’re more inclined to recognise the needs of the weak, than we are of the strong. Without meaning to, we diminish the humanness of those who persevere without complaint, because they often make it look so easy. When we’re the strong ones persevering without complaint, we risk diminishing our own humanness as well, because we […]

  • To be loved

    To be loved

    To be seen… Beyond the facade. To have the essence of who we are, known to those we trust and hold dear. To be heard… Not only when we cry out, but also when we speak gently of the troubles in our heart. To be loved… For more than how we make others feel, but […]

  • Torturous love

    Torturous love

    And so it is…love and torture have always been stablemates. Sometimes, without warning, someone enters your life and challenges every assumption that you ever made about what’s possible. What you thought you deserved was limited to what you were capable of achieving up to that point, and maybe just a quiet desire to acquire some […]

  • That self-loathing demon

    That self-loathing demon

    Ingratitude for the self is reflected in how much time we spend self-loathing. But self-loathing is disguised in many creative ways. The above list of 10 common points is only the tip of the iceberg. Self-loathing is rarely, if ever, a result of our current circumstances, and almost always a result of how we felt […]

  • Internal struggle, outward joy

    Internal struggle, outward joy

    The martyr within, breathes life into the angel without. A rare few live their lives outwardly, as they feel inwardly about themselves. The need to hide our shame from the world is born from feeling ashamed of who we are, and not because of what others think of us. The opinions of others only matter […]

  • Navigating relationships – 5 of 5

    Navigating relationships – 5 of 5

    As romantic as it seems, needing someone to complete you means that you’re not at peace with yourself. It’s not about whether it’s right or wrong. Instead, it’s about being aware of the demands that you’re placing on your partner, most likely without realising it. If both are equally invested in such an approach to […]