That self-loathing demon

Ingratitude for the self is reflected in how much time we spend self-loathing.

But self-loathing is disguised in many creative ways.

The above list of 10 common points is only the tip of the iceberg.

Self-loathing is rarely, if ever, a result of our current circumstances, and almost always a result of how we felt about our place in our parent/s home.

The less space they made for us in their lives, the less worthy we feel as humans.

This is especially true for problematic relationships with our fathers, but often extends to criticism or insensitivity from our mothers as well.

Because that shapes our sense of self early in life, it’s difficult to realise its impact because it just feels normal for us.

That’s when we grow to believe that our partners are responsible for how we feel about ourselves, or that they’re responsible for our enthusiasm towards our dreams.

That’s how we grow harsh and cruel, or rigid and abrasive towards them, not realising that we’re holding them accountable for how we feel about ourselves because we had one, or both, parents who were emotionally inaccessible when we needed to feel like we were worthy, or like we belonged.

Self-loathing, beyond our early years when we didn’t know better, is a testament of ingratitude for who we are, and what good we have access to.

Until we start owning how we feel about ourselves, we’ll always have reason to rage at the world, and at the innocent ones around us.

Own Your Life.

It always starts with you.

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2 responses to “That self-loathing demon”

  1. I like to respond with my poetry that the writings invoke. Hope that’s okay. Much love


    Forgive from your heart
    Let It heal your life
    Nothing can hold you
    Like a fair bit of strife

    The hardest to get through
    Are the things that We do
    Known only by us
    Yet they can still puss

    They fester and grow
    And live on all the while
    With each new day.
    It gets harder to smile

    Your greatness is here now
    Lets show them all how
    When love is involved
    Much can be solved

    The love that you are
    Lays buried deep inside
    Just waiting for the hate to subside

    Loved ones cannot help you
    Only you can mend
    All the hurt and despair that you still defend

    Your spirit is calling
    For you to be free
    Forgiveness is golden
    And I’m sure you’ll agree
    There is nothing nicer
    That you’d like to be

    So forgive and move on now
    And then you will see
    All the good things that life brings
    Known to more than just me

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