Why judge yourself?

"By those who consider the whole of me, I may be judged fairly. But by those who remain invested in only a single moment of time from a distant memory, they will only be able to judge an abstract moment of what I’ve lived." (Excerpt from my essay A Long Drive With Me) On the [...]

Embrace the whole of you

We often discard good advice because we don't like the source.Sometimes it's because we don't want to appear weak in front of them, and other times it's because we are trying to save face after having treated them badly.Emotional maturity is achieved when we are willing to learn from our enemies and loved ones alike.It's [...]

A victim of your own mind

There's a difference between being a victim in the moment, versus holding onto the victim mindset long after the moment has passed.We hold on to the victim mindset when we need others to recognise our struggle, or to acknowledge what we're having to overcome or deal with.The only reason this becomes necessary is because we [...]

The living martyr

One of the biggest hang ups in life, is wearing our hurt as a badge of honour.Our need to have our struggle recognised is born from the belief that we will not be appreciated if others don't know what we went through.It is born from the belief that our shortcomings must be tolerated or understood, [...]

Mediocrity is the enemy of life

How often do you hold back so that you don't ruffle feathers?Maybe you hold back because you don't want to be the odd one out?Or perhaps you withhold what you're capable of because you don't want anyone to think that you are arrogant, or full of yourself, or trying to steal the limelight?When we focus [...]

Gratitude spawns respect

Disrespect is often followed by discipline, or some other form of consequence management.While there is a need to correct bad behaviour, we can either spend our lives correcting that behaviour, or we can recognise that it's a symptom of something else.That something else is the absence of gratitude.No. Not gratitude for what we have. Because [...]