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  • Judging self into misery

    Judging self into misery

    When we internalise our struggle to the point of believing it to be so unique that it cannot possibly be grasped by anyone else, we give it a power of magnitude beyond the experience itself. Misery intensifies the more we dwell on it. When we live inside our heads, we convince ourselves that our struggle…

  • Own your misery

    Own your misery

    Miserable are the ones who compete with their companions, and then go searching for companionship among those that will ruin them. Self-pity and self-loathing are the marks of ingratitude that turn your greatest supporters into your greatest distractions. All because you think that they see the inadequacy and shame with which you view yourself. That’s…

  • Self pity destroys everything

    Self pity destroys everything

    Self pity destroys the very life that we wish we had. It is spawned by the belief that the future holds nothing for us, because the injustices of our past remain unavenged, or unappreciated. Without realising it, we become defined by our struggle, and lose ourselves in the process. Until we are faced with one…