Defending myself into misery

Defensiveness is driven by a belief that you're under attack.Hence the need to defend ourselves when someone tries to correct us.The defensive response on our part confirms that we assume their intention to be other than genuine concern for what we're experiencing.We also assume that we must be right to feel a certain way, and... Continue Reading →

Do you remember you?

Sometimes, we lose ourselves to the hopelessness of others.Sometimes, we lose ourselves to the failed expectations of life.And sometimes, we lose ourselves because we thought it was our failings that earned us pain, while oblivious to the fact that it was in fact our success that threatened the ones we loved.In these, and so many... Continue Reading →

Where is your humanity?

Taking pride in the colour of your skin or ethnicity distracts you from your humanity.Our humanness, our gentleness, our inclination towards kindness - these are all part of our natural state.We lose it when our need to be associated with significance or superiority distracts us from this, and replaces it with the fear of being... Continue Reading →

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