The Arrogance of Forgiveness

My naivety has often led to prickly situations that didn't end well. Sometimes the prickiness of the situation resulted in the loss of what I assumed to be a heartwarming friendship. But the thing about conviction is that it makes it impossible to withdraw an unpopular sentiment in order to preserve the illusion of friendship, … Continue reading The Arrogance of Forgiveness

My Guilt About Women in Niqab

I feel extremely guilty but also bitter whenever I see photos intended to elevate the awareness and appreciation for women that wear niqab, and I despise myself for it. I’ve always held such women in the highest esteem. Living in a non-Muslim country, my respect for them was even greater knowing that they were establishing … Continue reading My Guilt About Women in Niqab

maryamrshad: You know what’s weird?I’ve come across so many concepts and ideas; nouns and adjectives I should adopt in order to better myself. But forgiveness is something I’ve never quite been able to internalize. It’s a multi-faceted issue for me, but basically, there are people who have hurt me and caused me harm that I … Continue reading

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