Break the cycle

Character is what is built when we are faced with trials. Beauty is what we appreciate when we emerge from those trials. Those that have the greatest scars are the ones that appreciate life the most. But only if they don’t allow themselves to grow bitter in the process. After hardship comes ease, provided we [...]

The need to be godly

Godliness, like humility, is lost the moment we lay claim to it.It is something that we may exhibit in our conduct or demeanour, but not something that we can directly claim.It is our ability to manifest the attributes of the divine in our character and in our treatment of others without wanting to appear pious [...]

What is forgiveness about anyway?

If there is one piece of advice that will help you through the worst of times, this is it.Internalise this, connect with it, make it your mantra if you must, but understand that forgiveness on its own, without acceptance, will leave you yearning for retribution or justice.Acceptance is more important than forgiveness, because once we've [...]