Judge as you wish to be judged

We speak from a position of privilege when we judge the failures of others within the context of what is possible for us.Even something as simple as the resolve we have, or the choices we made to rise above a challenge, comes from a place of assuming that our emotional resilience is the same as... Continue Reading →

Repost: Judging to be safe

Judgement is not always harsh. But, judgement is always focused on an external standard that we think others respect.Don't under estimate how much this mindset causes problems in every sphere of our lives.Before throwing in the towel on that relationship, reconnect you with the reasons that gave you hope in the first place, so that... Continue Reading →

Are you there for you?

We're more inclined to recognise the needs of the weak, than we are of the strong.Without meaning to, we diminish the humanness of those who persevere without complaint, because they often make it look so easy.When we're the strong ones persevering without complaint, we risk diminishing our own humanness as well, because we become defined... Continue Reading →

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