You cannot make them rise

I’ve seen, and experienced first hand, the disaster that awaits when we convince ourselves that the demons that others deal with is our responsibility to resolve.

Being kind, compassionate, and even understanding does not mean that we must own the decisions that others have made, especially when those decisions include them choosing to hold on to anger from their past instead of embracing the opportunities of the future.

Remember that you can only offer someone a hand up, you cannot make them rise.

The same way that you must own the consequences of your decisions, you are responsible for giving them every opportunity to own theirs.

That includes not making yourself available as a doormat to them when they’re not owning it.

You’re not a hospital for the wounded egos of others.

Compassion doesn’t mean that you must be a martyr.

Sacrificing yourself to uplift another not only reflects ingratitude on your part for who you are and what you have, it denies your contribution of love to those that have a right to it, including yourself.

Moderation in everything, and everything in moderation.

Embrace your life fully, not only its struggles.

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