Assumed to be inadequate

Assumptions are those things that eventually appear as facts because we've been making those assumptions for so long that we don't see reason to question it any longer.It's a theme that sets in over a long period of time, and becomes the lens through which we see the world.More importantly, it becomes the lens through... Continue Reading →

The courage to parent properly

The courage that is needed, is the courage to seek sincere, informed advisors to help us to understand why we may be struggling to connect with our children.We don't know what we don't know.If we try to figure life out by ourselves, we'll only ever learn the hard way, from our own mistakes.While some may... Continue Reading →

Judge as you wish to be judged

We speak from a position of privilege when we judge the failures of others within the context of what is possible for us.Even something as simple as the resolve we have, or the choices we made to rise above a challenge, comes from a place of assuming that our emotional resilience is the same as... Continue Reading →

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