The courage to parent properly

The courage that is needed, is the courage to seek sincere, informed advisors to help us to understand why we may be struggling to connect with our children.We don't know what we don't know.If we try to figure life out by ourselves, we'll only ever learn the hard way, from our own mistakes.While some may... Continue Reading →

A path to insanity

We work with the assumption that our partners and our children share the same values that we try to uphold in our lives.This is rarely true.While we may share the same frame of reference or even the same cultural norms, values are much more personal, and therefore unique.Our personal value systems are shaped by what... Continue Reading →

Do what’s right, or else…

When raised with fear and compliance as the tool to ensure good behaviour, or religious subscription, we create validation-seeking individuals whose willingness to compromise on what is right will be driven by social acceptance.Instilling values in our children, or living by our own values, must be grounded in a substantial appreciation for why it is... Continue Reading →

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