Allow them to learn

Sometimes, out of concern, we try to protect those we care about from mistakes that they are inclined to make.We become the buffer between their bad decisions and the consequences thereof, so that they don't find themselves in harm's way.This show of concern or compassion is good, as long as it doesn't become their crutch [...]

Claim your humanness

My daughter looked quite distressed when she asked me this question over the weekend."What drives people to be so cruel to animals, like skinning them alive, or abusing them for profits?"The first thought that came to mind was this. We only lose our humanity when we feel less than human.The truth is, we only lose [...]

Old School Modesty

I've never been one to mince my words when it comes to sharing my perspectives on morality, respect, and simple values that I believe makes life wholesome and dignified. The amount of pandering to political correctness these days is sickening. Fair enough to say that to each their own, but when that perspective suddenly becomes [...]