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  • Kill the label. Kill the stigma.

    Kill the label. Kill the stigma.

    ⚠ Trigger Warning ⚠ The moment we attach a label to a life experience, we focus on the label and discard the merits of the experience. We make people invisible when we deny the reality of their experience by suggesting that there is something clinically wrong with them, despite causality of their emotional upheaval being […]

  • What are you waiting for?

    What are you waiting for?

    I’ve often advised someone about something that I truly believed them to be capable of achieving, and the response I received was, “Not everyone is like you!” Henry Ford said, “If you think you can, or you think you can’t, you’re right.” Sadly, too many think that they can’t, and then blame the world for […]

  • Never abandon hope

    Never abandon hope

    Hope is born in moments when you have no reason to believe in the moment that is to follow, but something good unexpectedly lands in your lap. It’s born when that unexpected call changes your life for the better. It’s born when that stranger smiled an understanding smile in that moment that you thought the […]

  • Growth is inevitable

    Growth is inevitable

    This was an important realisation that has carried me through many difficult experiences in life. What’s even more important to realise is that when we choose a positive growth for ourselves, there is no guarantee that the people around us will choose the same. Don’t back down from being a better version of you because […]

  • Invest in hope

    Invest in hope

    When you’re lost on a journey, do you keep driving around in circles hoping that your destination will miraculously arrive, or do you try a different route until you find it? Or do you sit behind the wheel and judge yourself for being a bad driver because you’re on the wrong road? If you do, […]

  • What do you see in the mirror?

    What do you see in the mirror?

    Given how easily we can change how we present ourselves to others through social media these days, it’s important to remember how much of our authenticity has to be sacrificed in the process. Be true to yourself, online and offline, and you won’t need filters to make your life or yourself appear to be different […]

  • A diet of fear

    A diet of fear

    This is probably one of the most important things you could ever connect with. So much damage is caused by fear driven decisions. It destroys your spirit leaving you to find comfort in the very source of the fear that is destroying you. If you’ve been raised on a diet of fear and compliance, it […]

  • Master patience

    Master patience

    Remembering to hold on to hope, and to abandon my expectations of others has always been my saving grace for my sanity and my dignity. Expectations, whether legitimate or not, are rooted in a sense of entitlement to receive what we need from others. Expectations are key to a healthy relationship, because when we can […]