Perspective rules

Perspective defines our reality.Taking the worst from an experience doesn't diminish the good that it contains. It simply denies us the benefit that is waiting to be experienced.The opposite being true too. Focusing on the benefit reduces the impact of the bad that we experienced.Maintaining a healthy balance between the two keeps us grounded. Going [...]

Sabotaging destiny

There are so many memes encouraging gut feelings and instincts to drive or decisions about how to treat others.I wish there would be more making us aware of what creates that feeling in our gut to begin with.The emotion most commonly experienced as a physical sensation is that of fear. And fear, more than anywhere [...]

Protect your dream

How often do you hold yourself back while waiting for someone else to believe in you first?When venturing into a new domain, or taking that bravely bold step to reinvent yourself, don't be disheartened when you find that those you thought closest to you do not support you.Those closest to us are invested in the [...]

Support Indie Authors

Thank you Gallo Images for creating opportunities for indie authors and content creators like myself to get exposure.As any indie author will tell you, writing the book is the easy part.Publishing it is the next part, which is a bit easier than writing it. That's if you do everything yourself like I do.But the most [...]

The struggle of faith

It is our belief in the value of something that drives us towards fighting to protect it.We cherish that which we appreciate, and we appreciate that which we value.Call it conviction in the value of the outcome, or belief in the beauty of its truth. Whatever it is, it is that unwavering faith in what [...]