Kill the label. Kill the stigma.

⚠ Trigger Warning ⚠The moment we attach a label to a life experience, we focus on the label and discard the merits of the experience.We make people invisible when we deny the reality of their experience by suggesting that there is something clinically wrong with them, despite causality of their emotional upheaval being clearly associated... Continue Reading →

Suicide is avoidable

This is a reminder for those who think that everyone who wears their heart on their sleeves, or are just looking for attention.It may not be healthy, but it's their way of drawing attention to their struggle that they need help with.How we respond either enables the unhealthy expression, diminishes their efforts to be heard,... Continue Reading →

Invest in hope

When you're lost on a journey, do you keep driving around in circles hoping that your destination will miraculously arrive, or do you try a different route until you find it?Or do you sit behind the wheel and judge yourself for being a bad driver because you're on the wrong road? If you do, does... Continue Reading →

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