Sadly depressed

Depression sets in when we look for signs of hope in those things that are important to us, but find none.

It doesn’t mean that there is no hope for anything in our life. It just means that what we choose as a defining relationship or experience to reflect our significance provides us with no reason to believe that we are significant in that way.

This is why from the outside looking in, we may think that people who are depressed are actually happy, or carefree.

Sometimes when we see everything else that they’ve got going in their life compared to others, we consider them to be ungrateful.

But that’s because we’re looking at them through our eyes, and not through their own.

The absence of hope occurs when we insist on receiving from others that which they’re either unwilling or incapable of providing. Their unwillingness often being more about their insecurity than what we’re worth to them.

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