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  • Kill the label. Kill the stigma.

    Kill the label. Kill the stigma.

    ⚠ Trigger Warning ⚠ The moment we attach a label to a life experience, we focus on the label and discard the merits of the experience. We make people invisible when we deny the reality of their experience by suggesting that there is something clinically wrong with them, despite causality of their emotional upheaval being […]

  • Break the stigma. Stop the label.

    Break the stigma. Stop the label.

    I think it was Dr Wayne Dyer who said that if you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change. This is true both positively and negatively. Do you know someone who has a problem for every solution? Who sees doom and gloom at the happiest of moments? Who is […]

  • Suicide is avoidable

    Suicide is avoidable

    This is a reminder for those who think that everyone who wears their heart on their sleeves, or are just looking for attention. It may not be healthy, but it’s their way of drawing attention to their struggle that they need help with. How we respond either enables the unhealthy expression, diminishes their efforts to […]

  • The silent ones

    The silent ones

    True misery doesn’t love company. It decays the soul in silence. When someone is complaining, it’s because they still have hope that someone cares enough to listen or respond. Or even to empathise. When they give up on these three things, they go silent because they have grown to accept that no one else cares, […]

  • Don’t label your struggle

    Don’t label your struggle

    Mental health is about hope. The more hope we have for experiencing joy tomorrow, the better our mental health today. The human experience is not an illness. The best way to protect your mental health is by recognising your humanness. Don’t allow your reality to be labelled as something more than your experience of the […]

  • Who defines you?

    Who defines you?

    It’s easy to lose ourselves to the outcomes of our lives. It’s easy to convince ourselves that our achievements, rather than our efforts, are a true reflection of the value we hold within. It’s a dance with fate that often destroys hope and replaces it with complacency. In a world saturated with the ungrateful and […]

  • Sadly depressed

    Sadly depressed

    Depression sets in when we look for signs of hope in those things that are important to us, but find none. It doesn’t mean that there is no hope for anything in our life. It just means that what we choose as a defining relationship or experience to reflect our significance provides us with no […]

  • Be you…unapologetically

    Be you…unapologetically

    The opinions that others have of us affects us most when we are not convinced about who we are. It’s self-doubt that creates the space for others to influence how we feel about ourselves. Be it a troubled relationship with a family member, a partner, an ex spouse, or even a friend or colleague, the […]