When an act of charity becomes business

If I do good, it will come back to me in unexpected ways. No. It won't. The streets are full of homeless bodies and souls that have done good, but it wasn't returned. Or are we suggesting that those that are in a bad state have done no good? This transactional view of life is … Continue reading When an act of charity becomes business

The Placebo Effect

I sometimes wish I could speak myself out of an unpleasant situation. I don't mean a negotiation with someone else, I mean literally talk my mind out of noticing reality for what it is. So I often marvel at those that hold on to mantras and affirmations and repeat that to themselves in times of … Continue reading The Placebo Effect


The world is full of brave faces. People showing a strong front while internally their world is crumbling, or has already crumbled. Some let in a select few to witness the destruction first hand while they serve a dual purpose of being a shoulder to lean on. Others are too ashamed to admit to such … Continue reading Fake

Carrots And Sticks

I recall, with some discomfort, a time in my life when I was painfully focused on how I was received by others. I recall simple moments when I made someone laugh quite unexpectedly, and then found myself feeling compelled to continue focusing on possible behaviours or witty statements to solicit more of the same. It … Continue reading Carrots And Sticks

Remnant of a Raging Fire

The world was my oyster. I set out oblivious to the confines of its shell. All I saw was the beautiful lustre and the wild ocean that surrounded it. I set out to tame it. To leave my mark. I remember once witnessing a repeated bickering session between my uncle and his wife when I … Continue reading Remnant of a Raging Fire

Mother’s Day – An Awkward Moment

I've been tempted to ask a few people the kind of question that is often dismissed as being ridiculous or unrealistic. But it's really a simple question that goes something like this. Apart from Anniversaries, Birthdays, and days like Mother's Day or Father's Day, do you believe that you acknowledge or celebrate the contribution of … Continue reading Mother’s Day – An Awkward Moment

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