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  • Burn yourself, why don’t you.

    Burn yourself, why don’t you.

    Anger always claims a higher price from ourselves than it ever will from the people on whom we project it. And before you assume that to be false because of the lasting impact that it has on its victims, understand that that lasting impact is because of their anger at the one who was taking […]

  • The demon of self-loathing

    The demon of self-loathing

    We cannot give what we don’t have. This is a simple truth that cannot be denied. When we realise what this means for the behaviour that we display towards others, we’ll realise what it says about how we feel about ourselves. When we take ourselves for granted, we feel entitled to what others do for […]

  • To know…

    To know…

    When you take out the murder weapon and gently and lovingly caress its edges, knowing that it disembowled the most dedicated soul that breathed joy into you, after they left you for the bitterness that sullied their miserable soul. When you can still pick up that blade and treat it with tenderness, and stare emptily […]

  • Do you remember you?

    Do you remember you?

    Sometimes, we lose ourselves to the hopelessness of others. Sometimes, we lose ourselves to the failed expectations of life. And sometimes, we lose ourselves because we thought it was our failings that earned us pain, while oblivious to the fact that it was in fact our success that threatened the ones we loved. In these, […]

  • Where is your humanity?

    Where is your humanity?

    Taking pride in the colour of your skin or ethnicity distracts you from your humanity. Our humanness, our gentleness, our inclination towards kindness – these are all part of our natural state. We lose it when our need to be associated with significance or superiority distracts us from this, and replaces it with the fear […]

  • Dishonesty, the destroyer

    Dishonesty, the destroyer

    The profundity of the verse from the Qur’an that says that if you are grateful, Allah will increase you, resonates strongly through every theme of life. It is through gratitude that good is created, harm is kept at bay, and we are connected to what feeds our soul. Therefore, what destroys good must be the […]

  • Reclaim your worth

    Reclaim your worth

    Peace is most ravaged when we convince ourselves that we were treated badly by others, or by someone we trusted, because we weren’t good enough for them. A betrayal of trust, no matter how noble the person, reflects cowardice on their part. We only betray the trust that others place in us when we feel […]

  • Escaping addiction

    Escaping addiction

    It’s not drugs that steal our children from us. Like us, they also need to feel significant. Taking drugs is not just a bad habit. It’s a means to escape what we don’t want to deal with in the world around us. Is it a bad decision? Absolutely. Because escaping something never resolves it, it […]