Pursuit of servitude

I once asked myself a simple question when I left corporate to follow a new path. What do you do when you're done with the world, but the world is not done with you? The two and a bit years that followed answered this question many times over, each time with an intensity greater than [...]

It’s not always betrayal

Betrayal is not always a result of harsh words, lies, or cruel action.I’ve found that the deepest cuts were always from the silence when words were needed, the restrained sincerity when an embrace was called for, or inaction from those when I looked expectantly towards them while recalling the times they drew on my energy [...]

The delusion of life

A life without introspection is nothing but a delusion.Assuming that you know yourself without truly knowing yourself leads to many regrets because of poorly informed decisions.Introspection allows us to learn from the lessons of the past by revealing our contribution towards its outcomes.Mindfulness allows us to apply those lessons in the present moment.Ignoring both leads [...]

You give what you have

I've had many interesting discussions with my kids about this topic recently. If they are dishonest about something, I make them aware of the fact that they will only find reason to be honest with others if they find it unacceptable to be dishonest with themselves. What we tolerate by ourselves towards ourselves is what [...]

Fleeting Thoughts (IX)

Sometimes the deepest breaths leave you gasping for air rather than filling you with hope. Is it significance you feel when you are needed for material contribution, or is significance felt when the essence of you is known and appreciated? Questioning life and finding its answers in love is only therapeutic if that love can [...]

Fleeting Thoughts (VII)

A therapeutic release of clutter is one in which there is no need to string together coherent thoughts. Coherent thoughts dictate a concern for what came before, or what needs to come after which reflects the earnestness of life. Life itself does not afford us the indulgence of being inconsequential, or being oblivious to consequence. [...]