The Path You Take

Share your story. A prompt that suggests so much. It suggests that we have a story worth sharing, but equally so, it suggests that there is an audience interested in our story. We all have a story to share. So much so that it is an accepted cliché when seeing untoward behaviour from some, or … Continue reading The Path You Take


I've found that the most unassuming leaders and role models are the ones with the greatest impact. They are not the ones that are celebrated from the pulpits. In fact, from the pulpits is where you will find them despised or judged. But that is not a testament to their being, instead it is an … Continue reading Orphaned

yesterday morning I found our first time sleeping on the stairs I walked around it quietly 2011-02-23 tanka (via mydreamsmoveslowly)

Ultraviolet Kisses

myelephantine: Day light gently tugs me while I sleep and I curl myself a little tighter, hanging off the hems of a dream. It’s only been three hours since my lids gave up on me, but I feel her rising and flirting against my skin, warm kisses on my wrists and fingertips. She’s banished the … Continue reading Ultraviolet Kisses

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