Invest in hope

When you're lost on a journey, do you keep driving around in circles hoping that your destination will miraculously arrive, or do you try a different route until you find it?Or do you sit behind the wheel and judge yourself for being a bad driver because you're on the wrong road? If you do, does [...]

Humanity for sale

The ones driven by the validation of others turn themselves into victims.The ones driven by the belief that no one cares or no one understands, turn themselves into oppressors and abusers.But when we're so focused on our own struggles, we fail to see the struggles that we introduce into the lives of others.That's why we [...]

Farewell, it wasn’t fun

Goodbye to a year that has defined new depths of beauty and pain, and left its mark somewhere adrift between the two, leaving an ambivalence of hope and hopelessness, where once there was certainty.Nothing changes after midnight tonight. But the token of 2021 may give some hope, while the rest brace themselves for a continuation [...]