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  • The personification of madness

    The personification of madness

    Perspective, when shared, provides a sense of sanity and inclusion. It convinces us that what we see is not a figment of our imagination, and therefore must be real. Perception is what convinces us of our place in this world. It suggests that we belong in spaces where others see what we see. Madness, is…

  • Saving my insanity

    Saving my insanity

    Sometimes I write to share my insanity, but sometimes I write to save it. When everything about the world feels unnatural, sanity offers no relief. Besides, like Vonnegut said, “A sane person, when compared to an insane society, will appear insane.” I have often considered myself that lone voice of sanity, and in that assumption,…

  • A Brain Dump

    A Brain Dump

    Mental clutter creeps in at times when I find myself focused on serving others but neglect my own nourishment in the process. My own nourishment, however, escapes me when I find myself lacking in my efforts to achieve the very ambitious goals that I set for myself. Incremental growth has rarely appealed to me. This…

  • Dystopia

    In those moments when purpose is blurred and distractions appeal, life passes by almost unnoticed. It feels like the hamster in the wheel, spinning away and amused at how fast it can go, then looking over and seeing everything that still needs to get done, stepping off for a few brief moments, and suddenly starts…

  • Composed Insanity

    It’s been a long time since I’ve felt any sense of composure about me. I constantly feel as if I’m on the edge of finding that elusive balance, but each time I flirt with that notion I find myself immersed in yet another challenge or another initiative that is almost always self-imposed. Despite this, I’m…

  • At moments like this, I struggle to identify this ‘humanity’ that we talk about.

    Robbers drowned boy, 12, in boiling water

  • This quite accurately reflects my state of mind, and soul. Perhaps it could use a little more red and a lot more black!  surgeries: Liquid Explosion Painting! (by markchadwickart) (Source: http://www.flickr.com/photos/markchadwick/4771833129/in/photostream/)