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  • You can’t wish away your struggle

    You can’t wish away your struggle

    Wishing it’s a sunny day when it’s raining is not going to make the sun come out. Therefore, leaving your umbrella behind is an act of foolishness, not optimism. A positive mindset can often lead us into delusional states. When our overbearing sense of deliberate positivity doesn’t produce results, it crushes our spirit even more […]

  • Silent Protest

    Silent Protest

                      A protest that cannot be articulated, is a protest spawned by futility, to feed futility.                 My contempt for what I am presented with is rarely expressed plainly. My reservations to express at all is grounded in years of […]

  • Saving my insanity

    Saving my insanity

    Sometimes I write to share my insanity, but sometimes I write to save it. When everything about the world feels unnatural, sanity offers no relief. Besides, like Vonnegut said, “A sane person, when compared to an insane society, will appear insane.” I have often considered myself that lone voice of sanity, and in that assumption, […]

  • Choose your reality

    Choose your reality

    When our circumstances appear unchangeable, we must change our perspective. If we don’t, neither will change. Perception shapes our reality, because we can always create an alternate reality, but we can never change reality itself. When we look at something and feel overwhelmed by it, we generally find ourselves choosing between two things. We either […]

  • Hopelessly hopeful

    In all the times that hope seemed to escape me, I realised that it was not because the future held no hope. It was because I had given up hope of being able to participate meaningfully in that future. I’ve often believed that it’s not depression that exists, but instead, it is hopelessness. It is […]

  • Why we need more idealists

    Why we need more idealists

    I am an idealist. It attracts mockery, condescension, ridicule and any number of other derogatory and passive aggressive responses from people that want to appear a certain way. But I choose to be an idealist in spite of them. The alternate may be choosing to be a realist. However, experience has taught me that realists […]