What do you see in the mirror?

Given how easily we can change how we present ourselves to others through social media these days, it's important to remember how much of our authenticity has to be sacrificed in the process. Be true to yourself, online and offline, and you won't need filters to make your life or yourself appear to be different [...]

A diet of fear

This is probably one of the most important things you could ever connect with. So much damage is caused by fear driven decisions. It destroys your spirit leaving you to find comfort in the very source of the fear that is destroying you. If you’ve been raised on a diet of fear and compliance, it [...]

The balance of happiness

Without meaning to, life can become a trading exercise in which we give something with the expectation of receiving something else in return.That's when it gets complicated. When the assumptions of one or both becomes entangled in the belief that happiness lies in a like-for-like exchange of sentiment or gifts, or perhaps effort. Sometimes, happiness [...]

Respectfully dishonest

This is especially true for our relationships with ourselves, more than it reflects on our relationships with others.We disrespect ourselves when we avoid truths that feel shameful or disappointing about who we are.That shame or disappointment that we feel is because we're looking at ourselves through other people's eyes, or at least what we think [...]

Reconnect with your innate wisdom

We all have an innate wisdom that we lose sight of as the distractions of life accumulate.When we go out in search of answers and adopt methods that worked for someone else, we further distance ourselves from that innate wisdom.This distancing that occurs undermines our authenticity, and leaves us feeling at odds with life rather [...]

Depression is not an illness

I realise that this is a highly contentious point. But we must recognise the elephant in the room before we are able to deal with it.The myth that depression is an illness causes more harm than the good it's intended to achieve.Depression is the absence of hope. Preceding that is the saturation of failed expectations [...]